Career Coaching for Musicians

My clients are creative, innovative musicians in various stages of their portfolio careers. They are highly motivated to continually grow and develop new skills, as well as strengthening what they’re already doing. That’s where I come in: I offer individual and team coaching programs on a wide variety of topics to help you solidify your unique identity as an artist and accomplish your goals (or simply discover what they are!). As a coach, I share my positive outlook and experience  as a musician, manager, educator, and community organizer to help you tap into your unique talents and empower you to achieve your success.  Rather than selling you expensive consulting packages, I work on an hourly basis, customizing your experience to tackle the topics you want to cover. Think of it as private lessons...for your life. If you thought career coaching was financially out of reach, think again!  Contact me to set up a free initial coaching on Skype (45 minutes) and get started on your personalized program today.

Topics covered in individual coaching sessions:

·         Finding passion and purpose: who are you going to be?

·         Introduction to financial planning: how to get yourself ready to quit your day job

·         Creating your personal brand

·         Fight your fear: overcoming performance anxiety, shyness, and hushing your inner critic

·         Grant writing for the uninitiated

·         Painless networking  strategies

·         Time management strategies

In addition to any of the above topics, I also offer specialized team coaching for chamber ensembles:

·         Getting started: promoting your group and booking tours

·         LLC, 501c3, or...?: Developing your business model

·         Building a healthy team dynamic

Exploring an academic career path? My coaching and editing services include:

·         Developing a winning  job application

·         Practicing your killer interview skills (mock interview experience)

Auditing/editing services: I can review your materials and make corrections/suggestions to

·         Websites

·         Press kits

·         Bios

·         Cover letters

·         Email correspondences

·         C.v./resumes

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